The 17 Most Popular CBD Strains of 2019

CBD, or cannabidiol, is being praised by medical professionals and laypersons alike for its potent healing benefits. It doesn’t alter your mood or mind like THC tends to. But, there are a ton of different varieties out there. How do you know which one is the right one for you? Below are the 17 most popular CBD strains of 2019.

Well, if you’re in the market to buy CBD, there are some ground rules you need to know first about CBD to THC ratios and what they mean.

CBD to THC Ratio and its effects:

1:0 – This ratio has a calming, relaxing effect due to its zero levels of THC. It’s great for therapeutic use.

1:1 – This balanced ratio has the best of both worlds – tranquility with very few side effects.

2:1 – With twice the amount of CBD, this ratio is good for daytime use, as it relaxes the body without the euphoric effects of THC.

Now that we’e got the CBD to THC ratios covered, let’s dive into the details of 17 of the most popular CBD strains out there. Ready, set, relax!


Mango Haze is one of the mot recognizable CBD strains out there, and like its name implies, comes has a wonderful tropical aroma with hints of mango and pineapple flavors.

Medicinal users are primarily drawn to this strain because it’s an energizing sativa dominant. It delivers a 1:1 to 2:1 ratio of CBD to THC.


This is a crossbreed of a ruderalis strain and Critical Kush. It pops in at around 11% CBD and 5% THC, which gives it an almost even 2:1 ratio.

Critical Cure is an indica-dominant strain, which makes it perfect for finding your afternoon zen a the end of the day.


Harlequin is a strain of CBD that has a reliably consistent 5:2 CBD to THC ratio. The taste can range from earthy to sweet.

Because it comes with the energizing, uplifting qualities of a sativa-dominant strain, it’s one of the most sought-after on the market.

Users don’t end up with a “stoned” effect. Instead, it provides a smooth, even kilter experience that’s good for daytime use.


This hybrid crossbreed of Harlequin and Sour Tsunami packs a walloping 20:1 CBD to THC ratio. This makes it perfect for those who need to get rid of their anxiety and pain ASAP, while keeping their mind free and clear of paranoia.


ACDC is a rock star in both the music industry and cannabis strains. It shines bright with its 20:1 CBD to THC ratio, and it clocks in with an overall 19% level of CBD. The intoxicating effect is non-existent.


Ringo’s Gift is the sweet surprise that results when ACDC and Harle-Tsu magic some crossbreeding magic. The ranges of CBD to THC can vary anywhere from a straight 1:1 to a massive 24:1 ratio.

In case you were wondering, it’s not named after famed Beatles drummer Ringo Starr. Instead, the honor of having a strain name after him goes to cannabis advocate and CBD trailblazer, Lawrence Ringo.


The marriage of Sin City Kush and Harle-Tsu produces a CBD strain known as SHK.

Named after one of the greatest minds of our times, this fruity flavored kush with a 5:1 CBD/THC ratio gives users a cerebral high.


This fragrantly earthy strain will relieve anxiety, headaches, pain and spams, without the paranoia of a higher THC strain. With CBD that ranges from 6 to 17% and THC levels that are lower than 6%, it’s the perfect daily tonic.


With 10-11% CBD and THC that consistently clocks in at 6-10%, this is one of the first strains that was bred for its high CBD levels.

Sour Tsunami is great for depression, anxiety, and stress, but it also works to rapidly banish pain and inflammation.


This 70% indica, 30% sativa hybrid is perfectly balanced with its 1:1 CBD to THC ratio, with the cannabinoid levels ranging from 5 to 10%.

It’s a great medicinal strain that gives users pleasant THC high that doesn’t leave them feeling too blazed. It’s also a great strain for newcomers because of its balanced 1:1 cannabinoid profile.


With CBD levels at a high 17% ad THC levels barely detectable at 0.3%, Charlotte’s Web has tons of medicinal value and none of the highs of THC.

This strain was made famous when a little girl named Charlotte used it to cure herself of the 300 grand mal seizures she suffered every week due to Dravet Syndrome. Since the THC levels are pretty much non-existent, it’s suitable for pediatric use.


This citrus flavored 10% CBD and 10% THC hybrid of Cannatonic and Sour Tsunami is great for activities of daily living, as it gives users a clear head with a casual upbeat vibe. It’s the perfect 1:1 ratio that keep all the anxiety willies in check.


This is another popular 1:1 CBD to THC strain that’s a cross between indica Harlequin and Jack the Ripper. Levels of both CBD and THC can range from 12 to 15%.

The “dreadful” pennywise is a great antidote for evil health manifestations like cancer, epilepsy, and arthritis. It’s ideal for daytime use, but it’s odd taste profile of coffee, pepper, and bubble come may be off-putting to some, but inviting to others.


This is a new ACDC/Charlotte’s Web hyprid from Oregon, and it packs a powerful punch with confirmed levels of 22.5% CBD and 2.70% THC.

This makes Corazon one of the highest scoring CBD strains on the planet. Due to its rarity, it’s not widely available.


This hypnotic sounding CBD strain is an newcomer from Oregan’s Yerba Buena cannabis farm. Its 17% CBD and a minuscule .6% THC means that it has amazingly wicked healing potential.


This lovely sounding strain is a 50-50 indica/sativa hybrid, and it comes with a mind-blowing 25:1 CBD to THC ratio. It’s perfect for those who have health issues, like chronic pain and inflammation.

This strain was appropriately named after St. Valentine, the patron saint of epilepsy. Valentine X is one of the most potent medicines for epileptic seizures.


CBD Critical Mass is an indica-dominant hybrid with anywhere between a 1:1 to a 2:1 CBD to THC ratio. This cross between Critical Mass and an unknown CBD-strain can produce generous yields, and like so many other strains, it provides an array of health benefits.

The varieties and choices when it comes to CBD are pretty much endless. The same can be said of all the different brands you can choose from.

Do you want an organic CBD with no THC? Try Bliss Herbal.

Are you into exotic flavor blends? Then you can’t go wrong with Respira CBD’s grape-mint concoction.

Do you hate the earthy taste of hemp? Go the tropical route with Lazurus Natural’s Tropic High Potency Tincture.

No matter which CBD is your favorite, just remember that plant medicine is powerful. As long as you do your homework and go with a reputable company, it’s all good!

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